The Stress of Living with Man Boobs

Women are not the only gender that are painfully aware of their appearance. Men care about how they look too, and changes in their physique can impact their self-confidence. For men suffering from the growth of male breasts or “man boobs,” there can be emotional stress that accompanies this condition which can impact their mental and physical health.

Personal and Social Impacts of Gynecomastia

“Man boobs” or gynecomastia can occur for many reasons, but regardless of why the condition occurs, living with this change can be stressful for many men. Most men may love breasts, but not when they appear on their own body. This change can impact almost every aspect of their life. Even though there is no health risk from gynecomastia, the effect on the male psyche can be devastating. Some of the issues that can cause stress include:

  • Professional interactions. Men worry about how their appearance will affect their career. “Man boobs” can make them feel less confident, which can impact their performance at their job.
  • Man jokes. Let’s face it – guys can tease each other mercilessly. The appearance of “man boobs” is likely to be joke fodder in the locker room, at the gym, or when the guys go out for a beer after work.
  • Sexual attractiveness. Men want to look attractive to their partners and can feel self-conscious about their appearance. The addition of “man boobs” is rarely welcomed and can impact a man’s confidence when meeting new potential partners.
  • What to wear? The growth of male breasts can make getting dressed a more difficult task for many men. While once they may have thrown on any shirt, man boobs can make them very self-conscious of what they wear and whether it will accentuate their chest area.
  • Enjoying outdoor activities. If the appearance of man boobs is embarrassing, many men will give up the outdoor activities they love. Going to the beach or any activity that requires a light shirt, or no shirt at all, may no longer sound appealing.

If the stress of having gynecomastia is impacting you or your man’s happiness, it is worth seeking treatment for the condition. There are medications and surgical options that can give them back self-confidence in their appearance by making their “man boobs” a thing of the past.

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