Preparing for Gynecomastia Surgery

You are required to read, sign, and date a Consent Form before surgery can be performed. This is a routine, very important preoperative document, required by U.S. law. You should discuss the details contained in this document with your surgeon before signing it, and make sure you understand what it entails. An Anesthesia Consent Form may be presented to you for signature, as well. Ask questions about anesthesia.

When planning for the surgery, the surgeon takes into consideration the following parameters:

  • breast size, shape, form, and symmetry
  • breast droopiness
  • breast skin elasticity
  • nipple position
  • chest shape
  • skin redundancy or laxity
  • upper abdominal laxity

If you have been diagnosed with gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia and the condition has not responded to gynecomastia medical treatments, surgery is likely to be a consideration. Knowing what to expect can be extremely helpful in the decision making process.

Prior to surgery, the Informed Consent form about your proposed surgical procedure is presented to you explaining:

  • pros and cons
  • risks and benefits
  • treatment options and alternatives
  • side-effects and complications

The causes of gynecomastia must have been addressed and you, the patient, must be comfortable with the proposed surgical plan, and have realistic expectations for the outcome. When surgery is performed for gynecomastia removal, some other cosmetic issues in the chest area can be addressed at the same time. Skin tightening, reshaping of the breasts, sculpting of the pectoralis muscle, and nipple-areolar reduction are some of the common concerns often incorporated into the cosmetic surgery performed on gynecomastia surgery.

Realistic understanding and expectations of the intra-operative and post-operative surgical course are of paramount importance in determining whether or not you are ready to undergo the proposed surgical procedure.

We recommend you discuss all of the above with your surgeon and ask plenty of questions about all aspects of the surgery and your recovery.

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