What to Expect Following Your Surgery

As a general rule, you will have a chest bandage, or dressing, and a compressive garment after surgery is completed. If a drain for fluids is required, your physician will remove it a few days after your surgery. You may also have stitches that need removal after surgery. The dressing will be opened and evaluated by your surgeon on your postoperative visit, usually in one to three days after your surgery, or longer, depending on your case.

Exercise of the upper body should be avoided for at least two weeks after your gynecomastia surgery. The compressive garment should be used for a minimum of a few days, depending on your case. Your surgeon will advise you of the proper time length based on your specific needs.

Revision Surgeries

Surgical revisions may be needed after surgery in order to correct surgical complications, such as asymmetries, scarring problems, hematomas, seromas, or other issues that may occur following surgery. Revision surgery takes place to correct either a cosmetic or a non-cosmetic side-effect or complication of surgery. Depending on your preoperative planning discussion with your surgeon, you may or may not need to undergo a revision surgery. Revision surgery takes place in an average of 5% to 20% of gynecomastia surgeries, depending on the case and on the surgical planning. There might be a financial cost associated with it, and you should discuss it preoperatively.

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