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Gynecomastia is a hormonal condition that can be treated. After a proper diagnosis and medical treatment, the male breasts do not always return to their original appearance. When this is the case, many men seek out gynecomastia surgery to make the cosmetic correction they desire.

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With regards to the cost of surgery, ask about the cost of laboratory tests, mammograms, and prescription medications; the cost of a compressive garment to be used postoperatively; the cost of local or general anesthesia, and don't forget to ask about the cost of a possible revision surgery.

Financing is an option, and the most popular companies for Cosmetic surgery financing are:

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5 Common Causes of Irreversible Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia or “man boobs” can be an embarrassing condition for men; changing their appearance and impacting their self-esteem. It is estimated that up to 60% of men experience some level of excess breast tissue; especially men over the age of 50. Aging can be a factor but increases in estrogen levels lead to male breasts …

Can Steroids Cause Man Boobs?

In the bodybuilding community, steroid use in common in men; whether they are competing professionally or amateurs. Anabolic steroids, growth enhancers, and hormone stimulators can change the biological balance in the body, making it easier to accumulate muscle mass. However, changing the hormonal balance can also have negative impacts, including gynecomastia otherwise known as “man …

The Stress of Living with Man Boobs

Women are not the only gender that are painfully aware of their appearance. Men care about how they look too, and changes in their physique can impact their self-confidence. For men suffering from the growth of male breasts or “man boobs,” there can be emotional stress that accompanies this condition which can impact their mental …

Cosmetic Surgeon Vs. Plastic Surgeon

Most people think plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are the same practices. Well, they are absolutely and undeniably NOT the same thing. There are distinct differences between the two. A plastic surgeon is trained much differently than a cosmetic surgeon, thus procedures are custom fit for each profession and patient’s need. This is how quality …